In 1818, John Clark came to the Wyandotte territory and settled with his family in and around what would later become the City of Wyandotte. In 1826, John Clark would bury his daughter Katherine at the site that is now the Oakwood Cemetery. This “private” cemetery started by family members being interred at the location. It wasn’t until January of 1869 that a plan of Oakwood Cemetery was signed by J.P.Clark, and was officially recorded in the Wayne County Records.

The Clarks would issue deeds to those who wished to be buried in the Oakwood Cemetery. The descendants of the plot owners were in turn to take care of maintained and upkeep of the plots. As generations were removed from those buried in the cemetery and others moved away and were forgotten, this system of repair broke down. As early as the 1890's people were complaining about the state of neglect the cemetery was in. Several news-articles from the Wyandotte Herald stated this fact.  

Over the years, the estate of J.P.Clark became less involved at the cemetery. Over 100 years after the fact, records can show no “true” owner of the cemetery.